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Taladi Kingdom (Tekkit legends)


Taladi Kingdom, is a 24/7 dedicated server.
This server attracts the survivalist type of player, and the PvP kind of player, with god-holy things such as the energy collector now banned, whilst keeping our ban list at the bare minimum. Food also no longer has EMC, grow farms, harvest, slaughter animals!
Factions: Form factions, create enemies, forge allies and raise wars. Compete over land, compete in custom made tournements and feature in future server youtube vids.
Mobarena: Go solo, or team up. Try different classes and combos and try to survive as many waves of all kinds of mobs as you can, and climb the leaderboard and earn rewards while your at it.
SwornRPG: The more you do something, the better you become at it. Unlock perk and abilities as you do something more often, mining will result in more superpick abilities, fighting will result in frenzie abilities and much more!
Shops: Buy, sell or trade. Server shops are expanding, and playershops are being worked on right now and will be released to you shopkeepers!

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