This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Poke Amica

Poke Amica


PokeAmica - A serene Pixelmon Experience!!
Running Pixelmon Reforged (Always up to date!!)
Website: SoonTm

Download our modpack to play fast and easy!

All members at PokeAmica are patiently waiting for YOU to get in here! We have friendly and helpful staff, loyal and sweet players, and tons of features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Features:
PokeGear: A GUI device that has all the warps, access to GTS, backpack, PokeDex rewards, and more!
GTS: A player GUI shop that allows anyone to sell items AND Pokemon to anyone on the server.
AuraTokens: These tokens give your Pokemon special effects to show off to your friends!
SuperLures: Custom lures that work different, and better than the ones originally in Pixelmon.
Boosters: You can use boosters to add a global boost to legend spawns, exp gain, shiny spawning, or even boss spawns!
Pixelmon Bottlecaps: Special items that can be used to change nature, size, boost IVs, or even shinify!
RemoRaids: Like Gigantamax raid battles from Sword and Shield, this allows all players online to teleport to an area and battle a giant boss! Join on Fridays for raids with the owner of the server!
BattleTower: Battle your way to the top. Gain custom battle points to get special rewards.
Gyms/Cities: We have plenty of custom cities to explore with their own respective gyms and themes! Special pokes can spawn here too!
Custom Forms: 70+ custom forms! PokeAmica has our very own texture team that creates custom forms of the Pokemon you know and love! Custom forms change the look and typing of the original Pokemon, that you can’t get anywhere else.
Crates: We have tons of crazy things you can find in crates! You can purchase keys at our store, or win them at some events. We even have vote keys for daily fun!
Crystal Island: Crystal Island spawns special Crystal form Pokemon, along with a lot of hard to find Pokemon.
MMO: Adds a leveling feature for doing all sorts of tasks that apply a boost! (ex. Woodcutting, mining, excavation, breeding, etc.)
Shiny Starters: Receive a shiny Pokemon just by picking your starter!
Tournaments: When we hold a tournament, you can sign up to fulfill your competitive side, or even win server credit!
EV Training: There is an EV training area at spawn that allows you to train to be the best!
PokeStops: PokeStops can be found at every town to give you random loot!
Events: ALL WEEK!
Wondertrade: You can use this feature to essentially gamble your Pokemon. Have an extra Beautifly you don’t need? Wondertrade it to get a random Pokemon that someone else traded!
PokeAuction: Auction off your Pokemon for in-game money!
Family-Friendly: Our staff is constantly watching over everyone making sure that everyone stays safe and happy, while having fun!

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