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The original owner is back baby!
SurvivalTekkit404 was project started in 2012, ended/closed decades ago due to several problems, and is now backup and running years later! wooo, nostalgia really hit hard could not resist comming back haha!

SurvivalTekkit404 does allow none-premium & premium users to join!
Faction world soon be avaliable.

---== [ Commands ] =---
/help: Views a list of available commands.
/survival: teleports you to survival.
/banneditems: View banned items.
/Rules: Views the server rules.
/vote: View sites to vote.
/leaderboard: Displays leaderboard.
/stats: View your hours played.
/warp: self explanatory.
/home: self explanatory.
/sethome: self explanatory.
*New commands/features will be added, as server progresses.

---== [ Banned Items ] =---

  • World Anchor
  • Anchor cart
    *Dimensional anchor: Is not banned, but limited to 4 per-player, no furthur limitations,restrictions, and can be used by anyone.

---= [ Restricted ] =---

  • Computercraft:207: Requires Atleast Member.
  • All turtles:216,'216:1','216:2','216:3': Requires Atleast Member.

---= [ Worlds ] =---

  • Spawn
  • Survival(Survival,Village, Wild, Wild2, Wild3)

---= [ Ranks ] =---

  • owner
  • manager/staff leader
  • admin
  • moderator
  • traineemod
  • Regular
  • Citizen
  • member
  • Guest
    More ranks will be added soon
    ---= [ Speciel ] =---
  • veteran
  • trusted

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