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The original owner is back baby!
SurvivalTekkit404 was project started in 2012, ended/closed decades ago due to several problems, and is now backup and running years later! wooo, nostalgia really hit hard could not resist comming back haha!

Before joining, please make sure you have Tekkit Classic 1.2.5 (3.1.2) selected within the launcher, as the server won't support any other clients running mis-matched mods,versions and/or modpacks that may have been modified in mis-configred way.

SurvivalTekkit404 does allow none-premium & premium users to join!

---== [ Commands ] =---
/help: Views a list of available commands.
/survival: teleports you to survival.
/banneditems: View banned items.
/Rules: Views the server rules.
/vote: View sites to vote.
/leaderboard: Displays leaderboard.
/stats: View your hours played.
/warp: self explanatory.
/home: self explanatory.
/sethome: self explanatory.
/shops: List available shops.
/shopwarp: self explanatory.
*New commands/features will be added, as server progresses.

---== [ Banned Items ] =---

  • World Anchor
  • Anchor cart
  • All Bore types: Bypasses protection (Not motivated enough to re-write terrible code)
    Additional items can be added at anyitem with short notice.

---= [ Restrictions ] =---
ranks are obtained via playtime

  • Computercraft:207: Requires Atleast Member.
  • All turtles:216,'216:1','216:2','216:3': Requires Atleast Member.
  • Industrial Credit: Can't be crafted (Used as vote credit)
    *Dimensional anchor: Is not banned, but limited to 4 per-player, no furthur limitations,restrictions, and can be used by anyone.
    Additional items can be added at anyitem with short notice.

---= [ Worlds ] =---

  • Spawn
  • Survival
  • newwild
  • Survival_nether
  • Survival__the_end

---= [ Ranks ] =---

  • owner
  • manager/staff leader
  • admin
  • moderator
  • traineemod
  • Overlord
  • King
  • Knight
  • Citizen
  • member
  • Guest
    More ranks will be added soon

---= [ Speciel ] =---

  • veteran
  • trusted
  • MysticCow

---= [ Network Nodes ] =---
Brazil (São Paulo)
UK (Birmingham)

very good server from 2012! and almost no banned items
Posted 30th Mar 2024
its password locked you cant play on this server damn it looked so good to go elsewere
The server replied:
It's not locked with password, you simply use /register randomcode randomcode and /login randomcode. As the server accepts offline/non-premium clients, and is security measure to protect users. (If you don't like the system in place, there is #Complaints & #Suggestions on our Discord).

Posted 23rd Feb 2021
the staff are nice and the community is great they aren't toxic and they are helpful
Posted 31st Jan 2021