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Black Tekkit: Tekkit, Factions, PvP, Survival, Sta


We are a newly started faction PvP raiding server. We have a nice community and an active staff. Everybody except the Helper, Admin and Owner are allowed to raid and probably will so don't trust other players. We have a world boarder at 35k so player homes shouldn’t be impossible to find and raid, if you put some effort into it. We have player economy, ranking system, shops, donator shops and Player shops . To set up a player shop you need to either rank up or donate. Galacticraft and Atomic Science are allowed! The server is stable and hosted on a powerful server. We have 99% + uptime at the time of this writing. If you want to know the latest news we have a forum, that’s also where you can apply for staff.

Banned/Restricted Items:

Mystcraft – Restricted! You can get up to 2 dimension of your choice by donating.
Everything from Dimensional Doors – Banned because it makes the server unstable.
Battleaxe – Banned because it bypasses SafeZone pvp protection.
Turtles /Cannon /Mattercannon /Plasmacannon /TNT /Dynamite /SPAMR /Needlegun /SC2 drills /Confiscation module /Anti-Personnel module /Disintegration module – Banned because it bypasses Faction and SafeZone protection.
Dimensional anchor /World anchor /Chunkloader /Landmarks – Causes lag. Quarry and Ender-Thermic pump may be used as chunkloader with moderation.
Quantum computer /Para chest /Tank cart – Banned because it can be abused to dupe items.
Auto-spawner – Bypasses mob restriction and makes the economy unbalanced.

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