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Oblivion Pixelmon || PVE/Gyms/Elite 4


After long weeks of dedicated hard work we have created a server that is great for everybody! With almost every bug fixed to give you a better experience. We have also gone out of our way to ensure the server will stay at 20.0 TPS 24/7.


  • Great Uptime
  • NO Banned Items
  • Bugs Patched
  • No Lag
  • PvE
  • Stable Economy
  • Gyms
  • Elite 4


  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 12GB RAM
  • 1 GBPS Connection
  • Solid State Drives
    Join today and this will be the last Pixelmon server you will ever play on!
Flat out crap!!
The admins are abusive and ban/mute for no reason.
The owner just wants money because everything is so expensive.
The admins will always deny ban appeals unless their friends are appealing and you have to pay money to get unbanned if they deny

Posted 9th Feb 2017
Very very very very very very very nice server
Posted 28th Dec 2016
The guy below me doesnt know what hes talking about. You arent ever in it for the money unless you have 200+ players on constantly, if you dont you just wont be making money. A lot of work goes into this server, its got little lag, its good.
Posted 1st Dec 2016
This server is just simply garbage.
Its a pay to win shit where you just pay to basically have fun.
The owner is only in it for the money.
This is like his 5th server of the week.
Its probably gonna fail when the Pokemon Go craze dies, like this server's uptime....

Also, Oblivion has like 4 staff for like 90 servers.
good luck getting hold of any of them, cause they are all shit.
Posted 25th Nov 2016
Onde Baixo o Modpack preciso de ajuda
Posted 6th Nov 2016
meh, the server is definitely not always at 20tps, there are alot of people active which is great but there not the friendliest or caring people who have ever existed :/
Posted 27th Oct 2016
Posted 13th Aug 2016
This server is one of the best! As soon as i joined there were so many thing that i could do that i couldn't really do on other PIxelmon servers so. 10/10
Posted 5th Aug 2016