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Welcome to GCraftMinecraft. If you're looking for a Minecraft community that is friendly, open, easy-going and great to be around, then you've found the right Place.

At GCraftMinecraft, we understand that everyone and anyone plays Minecraft. Accordingly we have created a safe and fun environment for all ages!

We are pleased to announce the inception of our newest server, Bevo Tech Pack 10.5 - Full. This is an amazing pack for 1.7.10, hosted on ATLauncher, which includes some of the best mods out there such as, AE2, Thaumcraft, Botania, IC2, Mekanism, etc.

We offer a dedicated server environment.

Our map is set with a 12k x 12k world border. We offer portals to the nether, end, twilight forest and a set mining world at spawn. Players shops are available and affordable. We are keen on creating a great in-game economy in order to keep things interesting for our players. Our staff are mature, friendly and knowledgeable.

We have implemented grief prevention, towny, chest shops, autorank and a few other plugins to enhance your game play experience and to ensure all your hard work is secure.

With minimal banned items, and great voting rewards, you'll be glad you chose GCraftMinecraft.

Summary of Rules:
· Do not harass anyone on the server for any reason.
· Respect everyone on the server. Rudeness / ignorance will not be tolerated.
· Griefing is NOT permitted. This includes stealing, or breaking both claimed and unclaimed builds.
· No PVP, or using bugs / exploits to kill / harm other Players or staff.
· Do not use and duplication or exploitation bugs.
· No Advertising other servers.

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