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Join our brand new server and experience unique kind of fun!
VIP ranks are obtainable with BossArena points.
Our server is focused on PvP, PvE and economy.
It's a mix of towny/nations and RPG! (Events are included!)
Server's economy is entirely player based.
Plugins: SlimeFun +addons (custom updates coming soon), Towny/Nations, Quests, BossArena (custom plugin), Pets, McMMO +addons, Custom mobs and more!
You can sell your stuff on auction house, chat auctions or you can rent your own shop!
Be sure to vote for us and you will earn awesome rewards!
Top voters will earn special rewards!
Active staff! We need more staff members
Join and be part of our community!
Constant patches and monthly updates!
Custom plugins!
Visit us! Ip:
Visit our Forum:
Join our Discord:
See ya!

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