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TheFatPack blends packs like Attack of the B-Team, Voltz and Tekkit. A huge pack of PvP and Tech mods as well as mods like Witchery, Mad Science, and Advanced Genetics. With mods like ICBM and Flans Gun Mod there's plenty PvP and explosions to be had. The addition of Chisel and Bibliocraft gives you an endless amount of customization options and won't leave your base looking just like the base next door. TheFatPack hosts a total of 166 mods and is sure to provide an endless amount of entertainment for anyone who gives it a try!!


(The REALLY Good One Anyways)

• Railcraft • Advanced Genetics • Applied Energistics • BiblioCraft
• Biome-O-Plenty • Blood Magic • BuildCraft • Carpenters Blocks
• Chisel • COFH • ComeCloser • Computer Craft • Deadly World
• EnderStorage • EnderTanks • Hardcore Ender Expansion • Factorization
• Flans Mod (3D Guns) • Forbidden Magic • Forestry • Galacticraft
• Gravestone • Hats • ICBM • Inventory Tweaks • Iron Chest • MadScience
• MagicBees • Mekkanism • Minechem • Minefactory Reloaded
• MobAmputation • MFFS • Modular Powersuits • Morpheus • Natura • NEI
• OpenBlocks • Project Red • Reliquarry • Resonant Engine (Atomic Science) • Roguelike • Simply Jetpacks • Stackie • Statues • Tinkers Construct
• Technomancy • Thaumcraft • ThermalExpansion • TreeCapitator
• Twilight Forest • Universal Electricity • Waila • Witchery • Zan's Minimap

Modpack Page: TheFatPack

There is a dedicated server within the pack that runs 24/7 and encounters very little if any lag at all. As with any new server we are always looking for knowledgeable, mature people to help staff the server. Even more than that though we are looking for players to make it a real PvP/Grief/Raid server! We strive to ban only the neccesary items and those items include:

• Quantum Assembler (OP)
• BC Quarry (Chunk Loads)
• Red-Matter, Rejuvination, and Contagious Bombs (OP)
• Digital Miner (Dupe)
• MFR Auto-Spawner (OP)

We will be with the pack for as long as the coding wizards keep giving us these awesome mods to put in them. We are always looking for suggestions for additions and even some subtractions to the pack to make it even better than it already is. The pack runs roughly 160+ mods in the pack so the initial instal will take a bit, and it may even take a bit to fire up depending on the PC you paly on. If you see (not responding) at the top of your screen don't freak out, it will launch eventually, usually within 2-3 minutes.

Now get to downloading and come get a piece of the action!!

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