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CookieCraft | Factions PVP |Tekkit Skyblock!


CookieCraft is a Faction PVP Tekkit server. Griefing is allowed. The server has a shop. We do have Playershops on the server, so if you have the money, you can rent a zone and sell your items/stuff.
If you have any problems feel free to ask the Staff for help.

The server has /rankup where you need money to rankup and receive a new Rank/Prefix and a new kit.
Rankup prices:

Builder: 12.500
Engineer: 31.000
Legendary: 155.000
Godlike: 200.000
Lord: 700.000
Overlord: 1.200.000
Demonic: 5.000.000

Upon ascending, your rank will reset but everything you've earned by ranks will remain. However, ranking up from Demonic+ will NOT grant more kits. Ascending gives you more permissions.
Ascension I: Crazyfeet perms
Ascension II: Chat and MSG Color
Ascension III: MobDisguise

Reaching Master Rank (The last rank) gives the ability to host drop parties. But you will need to discuss the hosting of the drop party with the staff first.

EngineerII: 6.500.000
MasterII: 10.000.000
LegendaryII: 21.000.000
GodlikeII: 35.000.000
LordII: 50.000.000
OverlordII: 65.000.000
DemonicII: 80.000.000
EngineerIII: 100.000.000
MasterIII: 115.000.000
LegendaryIII: 125.000.000
GodlikeIII: 150.000.000
LordIII: 185.000.000
OverlordIII: 250.000.000
DemonicIII: 400.000.000

Server rules:
[1] No Duplication Glitches Or Any Kind Of Hacks!
[2] Respect Everyone
[3] Always Listen And Obey The Staff
[4] Use Common Sense!
[5] Do Not Ask The Staff For Items, Money Or Ranks!
[6] No Advertising!
[7] No Offensive Language!
[8] Only English In The Main Chat
[9] Only Staff Is Allowed To Host Drop Parties!
[10] No AFK Pools Or Devices!
[11] Do Not Grief Warps
[12] Don't Boost Players Using Money Or Items!
[13] Only 1 Timer May Be Used On A EMC Farm At Once!

Breaking Any Of the Rules Above Will Lead To Punishment!

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