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Advanced Wizardry Official Server


Enter a world where the only limits are your imagination. Follow your paths down Magical or Technical lines. Dig deep into the mines with your friends on our Official Server, while battling it out with other clans and enemies! Build a base knowing it is safe from griefers and stealers.

Advanced Wizardry is a modpack based on the theory of Tech and Magic clashing. Whose force is stronger? Matter cannons and nukes? Or spells that kill anyone or anything? Join us on our Official Server where you will be greeted by our dedicated players and staff team. Donate and Vote for our server to gain extra perks and items! There really are no limits! Join us today to start your adventure!

Great community and staff. Hope for a bigger store but overall really nice.
Posted 1st Mar 2017
This server is really cool! Magic and Tech all in one server! Extremely happy that I found it. The community is really nice and welcoming also. Would recommend to all players.
Posted 1st Mar 2017
This server is awesome! Really fun to play on and a really nice community. Been a while since I've played on a modded server that doesn't lag and has magic! Can't wait for the community to grow even bigger as this server really deserves it.
Posted 18th Feb 2017