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[2.1.5] Coolax-Gaming Blightfall


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I love this server :D It is a good server, because, when the staff are on they are friendly and it is run with low lag. Even my bad computer can run it just fine, and I love the server. I got to build an EPIC house before I looked into other things. So, and I don't really care for greifers, because I have dealt with them in the past many times. So I'm fine with it.
Posted 18th Oct 2016
The server is the worst. It has some cool stuff and the mod is really good but the server sucks a lot. People join in and after some time they perfected their work. Like they build better houses, start getting into the mods and stuff. that's what i can say happened to me. about 1 week later i login to find everything me and my girlfriend built was destroyed by some griefers. the guide book offered in the beginning shows 0 info and helps nothing on protecting property and it leaves people unprotected. i ended up having a bad day cause of this. just saying this server is the worst. either you get admins full time or help players better because griefing is unacceptable. what can i do now except for searching another mod and try to be happy again? my in-game username was Suckedd and my girlfriend Schizle. everything we done was rekt. we can do nothing now ... even other players joined the griefers and destroyed more. jealously for not being creative i guess. take down this server.
Posted 4th Sep 2016