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TechniCube Classic 3.1.2


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+TechniCube Tekkit Classic+

  • Website:
  • Server IP:

We have SOLID grief prevention meaning mods that usually cause grief are not banned! Quarries and Turtles will NOT be able to destroy your house so you can build a house leave and join back at a later date with your home still intact!

We are reliable and safe server for you to play on! Yes, we are currently new and still in BETA so potential items that can cause crashes are possible but we are working daily to eradicate all the items that are not needed which cause terrible downtime! We are with a reliable 24/7 host which has been built for modded servers!

We have some great starter packs as well as cool plugins!
Starter Packs:

  • Kit Member
  • Kit Ingot
  • Kit ingot includes 16 of EVERY ingot to get you started!

  • Kit Member Has full leather armor, Iron tools and a grief prevention shovel for you to claim straight away!

(This is not all of them, this is just a select few!)


  • We have a cool plugin called LWC which will lock ALL your modded items, you can add your friends, and also remove locks on the item of your choice!

Grief Prevention

  • Grief Prevention - This will allow you to make a claim and therefore you not being able to be griefed, we got it so it supports modded blocks, i.e turtles and quarries from mining your claims!

Chest Shop

  • This plugin allows to create shops and earn money from selling items to each player in our mall! You can get better prices this way by selling anything at all and earn more money that what you will in the shop!

Buy a Region

  • This plugin is what allows to create a safe shop in our shopping mall, You can rent a shop and sell items to other players and go visit other player shops to buy items from them!

Anti Swear

  • This plugin shops the use of foul language used on our server to allow a young player base to enjoy the server as well as teenagers and adults, bypassing the anti swear is a punishable offense depending on the impact it causes.

Rank Up System

  • This plugin allows you to play and get ranked up, you DON'T have to pay for your kits! You get everything for free just from play-time, no need to vote to rank-up, however voting does give you extra rewards if you want to! (Voting also supports the server so please give us a vote a day if you like us! Our voting system isn't forced on you to get better gameplay!)

That's just some of many other cool plugins! But those ones were stated first so you can feel like you are joining a server which cares about your wellbeing, its child-friendly and an active owner always willing to help, and get you welcomed into the server!


Because we are a new server we currently have only one staff member! You can apply for staff on our website!

  • All staff application requirements are in the application form,
    Unfortunately, when the owner is not on and there being no staff online (Apart from our helper) chat could become heated, please be aware of this until we hire staff as quick as possible.

Don't worry for foul language, advertisements or harassment all seriously bad words are censored!

I hope to see you on, and also teach me a few things about Tekkit Classic too ;)

My history:

  • I owned multiple successful Minecraft servers, player base around 30 - 60.
  • I owned a Tekkit (1.6.4) Galactic Craft server, This was successful but the Tekkit 1.6.4 modpack is dying out...
  • I am now going to try make a successful tekkit classic server (This one).
  • I've been staff on massive worldwide servers (Mineplex)
  • I've been staff on plenty other servers.
    Enjoy the server :)

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