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Ready to play some Tekkit? I hope you are!
We here at Orion-Tekkit hope you are too. We are
a new server with almost no banned items. We pride ourselves in being a small server
and getting to know all of our individual players on a personal level.
We are a PVE server with the ability to make EMC machines and do all
the things tekkit was made to do. We have a strong economy with the
ability to buy plots (with in game money) so you can turn into
the best entrepreneur possible! We hope to see you
on our server!

Banned Items

  • DM Pedestel
  • Evertide Amulet
  • Volcanite Amulet
  • Wireless Tracker
  • Chest Cart
  • Tank Cart
Very good server friendly staff and very populated usually my only complain is the annoying down time :/
Posted 11th Apr 2017