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HelixMC - Your No.1 Bteam Server!

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Spawn Area

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Your No#1 BTeam Community | 100% Uptime - No Lag | TONS OF FUN & REWARDS | A very friendly community :)

☆ Recommended as the best Attack of The BTeam Server by many! ☆

Join HelixMC's Growing Discord to Chat , Talk & have fun :) -

A new and very friendly community with next to no lag. Very mature staff team!
This is a PvE & PvP server with no raiding and no griefing.

» What makes us the best?:

  • Many Kits to choose from! Free & Paid, every month!
  • The friendliest community you will find by a long shot :)
  • OP Voting Reward Kits , every time you vote (Over 50 kits!)
  • A thriving economy. Thanks to Jobs, Casino games being tested & Lottery!
  • No Lag! You hate it and so do we.
  • Running on the best servers, no cheapo stuff :)
  • Premium/VIP Ranks have WAY more features than other servers, and cheaper
  • We never judge you <3
  • And the list goes on.. come visit us to see for yourself!

» What we run on (The Geeky Stuff):

Based in France (Good EU and US Ping)
32GB of Dedicated RAM to 1 Server
Fast Intel i7 6700K OC Processor
1GBPS Dedicated Connection
Optimized AOTB Server for No Lag & 99.99% Uptime!

» Features:

  • VERY HIGH & OP VOTING REWARDS / PACKAGES! (50 Kits, and you get to have one of them every time you Vote!)
  • PvE World, PvP Nether
  • Resource World for money making $$$
  • Moon and Mars :)
  • Lottery
  • Air Drops
  • Sleep Feature
  • Auctions!
  • Over 400+ Random Items Rewards
  • Economy
  • PREMIUM Jobs
  • Chestshops
  • Adminshop
  • Helix Marketplace
  • Survival
  • Over 70+ Rewards!
  • Referral Reward System
  • All Morphs
  • NEW! Make more $$$ with Casino! (Beta)

» This server is a,
No griefing
No Raiding, to keep you safe ,and more features being added! Come and visit us at! :)

» Website ->
» Server -> or
» HelixMC Discord Server -> http:/

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