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HelixMC - Your No.1 Bteam Server!

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Spawn Area

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About the Server:

A custom modded Pixelmon Server running on 1.10.2 Sponge and the new Pixelmon 5.0.1, with many Mods and a very exciting experience. PvE Server for no griefing. High quality servers means no lag. A new and very friendly community with next to no lag. Very mature staff team! This is a PvE & PvP server with no raiding and no griefing.

☆ Recommended as the best Attack of The BTeam Server by many! ☆

IP: /

Website Link
Discord Voice Server

Using HelixMC Launcher:

About the HelixMC Launcher:
We have our own Launcher to ensure the fastest and most secure way to provide you modpacks and new content. Our Content Delivery Network ensures fast Modpack downloads. Our launcher connects securely to Mojang to log you in.

Links to HelixMC Launcher:
Link to Launcher Page
Direct Link for Windows
Direct Link for MAC OS/Linux/Windows

What makes us the best?

  • Many Kits to choose from!
  • The friendliest community you will find by a long shot :)
  • OP Voting Reward Kits , every time you vote
  • A thriving economy. Thanks to Jobs, Auctions & Lottery
  • No Lag! You hate it and so do we.
  • Running on the best servers, no cheapo stuff :)
  • PvE World, PvP Nether
  • Resource World for money making $$$
  • Moon and Mars :)
  • Lottery
  • Air Drops
  • Sleep Feature
  • Auctions!
  • Over 400+ Random Items Rewards
  • Premium Jobs
  • Adminshop
  • Helix Playershops
  • Survival
  • Over 70+ Rewards!
  • Referral Reward System
  • All Morphs

The Geeky Stuff:

Based in France (Good EU and NA Ping)
32GB of Dedicated RAM to 1 Server
Fast Intel i7 6700K OC Processor
Optimized Pixelmon Server for No Lag & 100% Uptime!

You want a AOTB server, it is THE one !
No lag, responsive them, best community ever.
The best AOTB server i've played. And trust me, i tried a lot.
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Totally worth playing here. Very stable, professional server, friendly staff :)
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
The best AOTB Server ive seen so far. It doesnt lag, everyone is friendly. Got myself VIP and it is really great. 10/10
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Awesome server! Very friendly community and staff. Not pay to win. Total recommend :D
Posted 22nd Apr 2017