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Aonn Skyblock


OUR SLIMEFUN IS WORKING! Aonn Skyblock is a server with Skyblock and Survival.

We allow use of spawners, which are moved via Silktouch.

Slimefun adds loads of goodies you can create to make your game better. Our server uses the Base, Lucky Block, Sensible Tool Box, and Exotic Plants versions so far.

Our Skyblock includes engines to help you enjoy skyblock and still get good stuff with an Ore Generator, not just a cobble generator.

And if that's not enough, our worlds share a cross world inventory, so your inventory is the same in each world. Combine that with MCMMO and you'll be enjoying your game even more!

Oh and keep inventory is on almost everywhere.

Almost? Yeah, our nether areas are PVP enabled, without keep inventory, so you have to be careful.

Tired of servers where staff is absent or ignores you? Tired of servers where staff shows up, hangs around doing nothing or just acts like they don't care? Tired of broken servers never getting fixed or going down for HOURS or days on end??

Come to our server. Our staff are all Minecraft players who enjoy the game.

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