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Tekkit Ultimate


Tekkit server that has been running since 2013
We aim to provide you the best tekkit experience you can get
That means we offer no banned items so that you could experience tekkit for what it really is
We work daily to eliminate all the bugs and glitches that we can and improve server's performance.

If you are looking for a tekkit server where you could play the real tekkit then you've come to the right place!

Servers chat filter is so disgusting. Anything getting close to passing PG, the entire staff go bat-crazy on watching yourself. No matter what you do, the staff act like their first job is to mute and jail people and not care about fun or helping. Multiple times, staff asked if someone needed help and they ignore the simple questions I ask. They know nobody else helped me. One of them told me they all have socialspy and can see all the messages.

A lot of the stuff is banned. They claim 'disabled' because you can have the blocks/items, be able to place them, but the stuff doesn't work. Even EMC farms for an early start don't work; and the economy does not depends on emc at all. Factories are very limited too, I built one small factory and it was cleared due to lag.

Not a fun server, don't waste your time here.
Posted 8th Oct 2016
It's just amazing. So many fun memories. Been playing since 2013
Posted 6th Aug 2016
2 days in all around my claim got red hammer , staff did nothing. after a week of asking for a mod to make it snow (as the red hammer smashing removed snow) still got no reply. with 1000s of tekkit class servers to play on i trashed my claim and moved on. you lost a daily vote and a donate. to the owner TheGodOfPower needs to removed it mite help your server good luck
Posted 8th Jul 2016