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Pokefreaks Network

Pokefreaks Network



At PokeFreaks we make YOU, the player, number one priority! Start your Pixelmon adventure with us, you won't regret it!

Server activities: Official PokeFreak events, such as: PokeFreaks Tournament, PokeFreaks League, etc. Player Gyms NPC Battles EPIC SPAWN!! Experienced and friendly staff! Mature setting! And much more!

PokeFreaks has gathered the ideas from players, and put them all into one server! PokeFreaks is a server for players built by players!

We are PokeFreaks, and we are here to stay!

IP: Pixelmon: 3.5.1

Technic launcher link

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Listed under the wrong mod pack, misleading. bad promotion.
Posted 6th Sep 2016