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Pokefreaks Network

Pokefreaks Network


Welcome To the Pokefreaks Network!

Pokefreaks is a network of servers built by players for players!

We have one of the most friendly communities and staff you will find. We currently have two servers, Fire and Thunder.

Fire - Great Economy, lively community, pixelmon 3.5.1

Thunder - Pixelmon 4.2.7, Amazing trainer challanges, new rank system, NPC shop and more

Features on both servers include: Breeding enabled, Shiny Starters, Keep Inventory, Riding Enabled, Elite 4, Vote Chests, Legendary Spawning, Not Pay-to-Win, Flying Enabled, Grinders, Gyms, Player Gyms, Events and EV/IV Training, a marry plugin and also a great gym management plugin made by one of the server owners wich makes a scoreboard of gyms on the right side of your screen wich lists all the gyms and if they are currently open or not

Server IPs:

Fire IP:

Thunder IP:

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This information is misleading they don't even offer support </3
Posted 14th Feb 2017
Listed under the wrong mod pack, misleading. bad promotion.
Posted 6th Sep 2016