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1.7.10 Hard Vanilla Hard Survival PvP Grief Raid

The Feeling Of Minecraft With Much More Content. No Power Or Pipes. Increased Enchantments, Better Hunger System, Better More Durable Diamond Armor, Dungeon Much Harder Mobs And Spawning Events, Epic SGcraft Portals for traveling,
Comes with a Server ip installed. Server Ip:
Beware of Acid Rain.
Minecraft Coder Pack (id: mcp, version: 9.05, authors: [])
Forge Mod Loader (id: FML, version:, authors: [cpw, LexManos, Player])
Minecraft Forge (id: Forge, version:, authors: [LexManos, Eloraam, Spacetoad])
Better Sleeping Core (id: bettersleepingcore, version: 1.0, authors: [OndraSter])
CodeChicken Core (id: CodeChickenCore, version:, authors: [ChickenBones])
InfiniBows (id: InfiniBows, version: 1.3.0 build 20, authors: [Myrathi])
1.2 (id: ivtoolkit, version: IvToolkit, authors: [Ivorius])
Not Enough Items (id: NotEnoughItems, version:, authors: [ChickenBones])
Super Enchants (id: se, version: 0.4.1, authors: [Twinklez])
Backpacks! (id: backpacks16840, version: 3.0.5, authors: [Brad16840])
OpenModsCore (id: OpenModsCore, version: 0.9, authors: [Mikee, NeverCast, boq])
IteBlacklist (id: ItemBlacklist, version: 1.0.0, authors: [])
Extended Workbench (id: extendedWorkbench, version:, authors: [])
Chicken Shed (id: ChickenShed, version: 1.1.3, authors: [Vazkii, ZeroLevels])
Common Sense Food (id: csfood, version: 1.0.0, authors: [MrFancypants])
Animals+ (id: animalsPlus, version: 1.2, authors: [])
AnimationAPI (id: AnimationAPI, version: 1.2.4, authors: [thehippomaster21])
AppleCore (id: AppleCore, version: 1.1.0, authors: [squeek])
D3Core (id: D3Core, version:, authors: [Dries007, Doubledoor team])
AutoCrafter2000 (id: AutoCrafter2000, version:, authors: [Dries007, Doubledoor team])
BetterBedrockGen (id: BBG, version: 1.0.0, authors: [])
Beter Anvil (id: BetterAnvil, version:, authors: [ExampleDude])
BetterRain (id: betterrain, version:, authors: [OreCruncher])
Better Sleeping (id: bettersleeping, version: 1.7.10-1.1.26, authors: [OndraSter])
BetterVanilla (id: bettervanilla, version: 1.1.1, authors: [Agadar])
BiblioCraft (id: BiblioCraft, version: 1.11.4, authors: [Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair])
BigTrees (id: bigtrees, version: 1.6.4, authors: [])
Brewing-API (id: brewingapi, version: 1.2.0, authors: [Agadar])
Brick-a-Brac (id: BrickaBrac, version: 1.7.10-1.1.0b, authors: [Saikou])
Precious Bricks (id: PreciousBricks, version: 1.7.10-1.0.0b, authors: [])
Coal 2 Charcoal (id: c2c, version:, authors: [])
CakeIsALie (id: CakeIsALie, version: 4.04, authors: [Toinane])
Charcoal Block (id: CharcoalBlock, version: 1.7.10-1.2, authors: [MinecraftDevin11])
Chocolate Quest (id: chocolateQuest, version: 1.0, authors: [])
Cooking for Blockheads (id: cookingbook, version: 1.0.134, authors: [BlayTheNinth, ZeroTheShinigami])
CosmeticArmorReworked (id: cosmeticarmorreworked, version: 1.7.10-v4, authors: [zlainsama])
Crafting Pillars Mod (id: craftingpillars, version: 1.6.0, authors: [])
DrCyano's Lootable Bodies (id: lootablebodies, version: 1.3.6, authors: [])
DaVincing (id: davincing, version: 1710.1.7, authors: [hypercross, two])
DigitalXP (id: source_code293.digitalxp, version: 0.1.5, authors: [source-code])
Doomlike Dungeons (id: dldungeonsjdg, version: 1.8.5, authors: [])
EnderStorage (id: EnderStorage, version:, authors: [ChickenBones])
Exp Ore (id: ExpOre, version: 1.1a, authors: [])
Fast Leaf Decay (id: fastleafdecay, version: 1.3, authors: [Olafski])
Feed A Friend (id: FeedAFriend, version: 1.7.10-1.0.4, authors: [])
Fidelis (id: Fidelis, version: 1.0.3, authors: [UnderMybrella])
Finndus Fillies (id: FinndusFillies, version:, authors: [Myrathi])
Flan's Mod (id: flansmod, version: 4.10.0, authors: [jamioflan])
Flat Signs (id: FlatSigns, version:, authors: [Myrathi])
Fortress Mod (id: fortressmod, version: 0.9.03, authors: [])
Garden Containers (id: GardenContainers, version: 1.7.10-1.7.0, authors: [])
Garden Core (id: GardenCore, version: 1.7.10-1.7.0, authors: [])
Garden Stuff (id: GardenStuff, version: 1.7.10-1.7.0, authors: [])
Garden Trees (id: GardenTrees, version: 1.7.10-1.7.0, authors: [])
iCraft (id: iCraft, version: 0.7, authors: [HarleyWF])
Inventory Tweaks (id: inventorytweaks, version: 1.59-dev-152-cf6e263, authors: [])
IronFence (id: IronFence, version: 1.1.0, authors: [goldensilver853])
Iron Furnaces (id: ironfurnaces, version: 1.0, authors: [XenoMustache])
It's the little things (id: itlt, version: 0.0.8, authors: [Zlepper])
JumpPad++ (id: Pads, version: 2.3.3, authors: [T145])
Luppii's Ladders (id: LLadders, version: 0.5.0, authors: [Luppii, Aiqueneldar])
Lycanites Mobs (id: lycanitesmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Arctic Mobs (id: arcticmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Demon Mobs (id: demonmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Desert Mobs (id: desertmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Forest Mobs (id: forestmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Freshwater Mobs (id: freshwatermobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Inferno Mobs (id: infernomobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Jungle Mobs (id: junglemobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Mountain Mobs (id: mountainmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Plains Mobs (id: plainsmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Saltwater Mobs (id: saltwatermobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Shadow Mobs (id: shadowmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
Lycanites Swamp Mobs (id: swampmobs, version: - MC 1.7.10, authors: [])
MalisisCore (id: malisiscore, version: 1.7.10-0.12.9, authors: [Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter])
Malisis Advert (id: malisisadvert, version: 1.7.10-0.4.3, authors: [])
Malisis' Doors (id: malisisdoors, version: 1.7.10-1.10, authors: [])
Myths & Monsters Mod (id: mam, version: 1.7.10-1.0.2, authors: [HoopAWolf, UKDeccy, Uno165])
MedicineCraft (id: MedicineCraft, version: V4.0, authors: [Joakim])
Model Citizens (id: modelcitizens, version: 1.0.1, authors: [FyberOptic])
§9MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (id: cfm, version: 3.4.8, authors: [§8MrCrayfish])
Mutant Creatures (id: MutantCreatures, version: 1.4.9, authors: [thehippomaster21])
NoMoreRecipeConflict (id: recipehandler, version: 1.7.10, authors: [stimmedcow, GotoLink])
oharaicaine_tweaks (id: oharaicaine_tweaks, version: 0.3, authors: [])
OpenMods (id: OpenMods, version: 0.9, authors: [])
OpenBlocks (id: OpenBlocks, version: 1.5, authors: [])
Player Rugs (id: playerrugs, version: 0.0.1, authors: [Kihira])
Grim3212 Core (id: grim3212core, version: V0.2 - 1.7.10, authors: [Grim3212])
Pokeball (id: pokeball, version: V0.1 - 1.7.10, authors: [Grim3212, Apox159])
Forge Multipart (id: ForgeMultipart, version:, authors: [])
MrTJPCore (id: MrTJPCoreMod, version:, authors: [])
ProjectRed Core (id: ProjRed|Core, version: 4.7.0pre10.93, authors: [])
ProjectRed Illumination (id: ProjRed|Illumination, version: 4.7.0pre10.93, authors: [])
QuantumStorage (id: QuantumStorage, version: 1.2.1, authors: [Gigabit101])
Right Click Dye (id: QVBARightClickDye, version: 1.0, authors: [Roxox1])
Redstone Paste (id: RedstonePasteMod, version: 1.6.2, authors: [])
Roadblocks (id: roadblock, version: 1.7.10-2.1.8-, authors: [Team Whammich])
Roguelike Dungeons (id: Roguelike, version:, authors: [Greymerk])
The SecretRoomsMod (id: secretroomsmod, version: 4.7.1, authors: [])
Greg's SG Craft (id: SGCraft, version: 1.9.5, authors: [])
Special Mobs (id: SpecialMobs, version: 3.2.0, authors: [FatherToast])
Stairs++ (id: stairsplusplus_mrliop, version: 1.0, authors: [MrLiop])
Storage Drawers (id: StorageDrawers, version: 1.7.10-1.7.5, authors: [])
StorageSilo (id: storageSilo, version: 1.2.2, authors: [])
Super Crafting Frame (id: supercraftingframe, version:, authors: [EdgarAllen])
Switches Continued (id: SwitchesContinued, version: 0.0.1, authors: [])
Tool Utilities (id: ToolUtilities, version: 0.0.1, authors: [insaneau, tterrag])
TooMuchTime (id: TooMuchTime, version: 2.4.0, authors: [])
Translocator (id: Translocator, version:, authors: [ChickenBones])
Twisted Tweaks (id: twistedtweaks, version: 0.1.2-3, authors: [artdude543, MindlessPuppetz, Funwayguy])
TYNKYN (id: TYNKYN, version: 2.1, authors: [DarKnighT_0_9])
UsefulFood (id: UsefulFood, version: 1.4.5, authors: [Silentspy, Bockwurst])
Wild Caves 3 (id: wildcaves3, version: 1.7.10, authors: [Alexmania])
Ze Torches (id: zetorches, version: 1.1, authors: [ILMABCRY])
Armor Overlay (id: armoroverlay, version: 2.0, authors: [])
CleanView (id: CleanView, version: 1.7.10-v2, authors: [zlainsama])
Damage Indicators (id: DamageIndicatorsMod, version: 3.2.0, authors: [])
Fog Nerf (id: fognerf, version: 1.7.10-0.3, authors: [])
HelpFixer (id: HelpFixer, version: 1.0.7, authors: [matthewprenger])
Simple Mod Lister (id: ModLister, version: 1.0, authors: [Dragon2488])
No Nausea (id: NoNausea, version: 1.0, authors: [lumien])
Particle Distance Increasinator (id: ParticleDistance, version: 1.0.0, authors: [snak_attack])
Rei's Minimap (id: ReiMinimap, version: 1.7.10, authors: [Sedridor])
ShowDurability2 (id: ShowDurability2, version: 1.3.0, authors: [])
bspkrsCore (id: bspkrsCore, version: 6.15, authors: [DaftPVF, bspkrs])
StatusEffectHUD (id: StatusEffectHUD, version: 1.27, authors: [bspkrs])
Waila (id: Waila, version: 1.5.10, authors: [])
Minecraft Multipart Plugin (id: McMultipart, version:, authors: [])

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